Our strengths

Our strengths are supported by service, experience, and the high technology involved in the manufacturing of our products, as well as the ability to provide integral solutions in accordance to our customers’ specific needs in our customers’ manufacturing processes.

Additionally, we are a service maquiladora. This allows us to import, stock, and commercialize products duty free to the exporting companies located nationwide.

  1. Quality. All our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We distribute products that comply with the strictest quality norms.
  2. Product Portafolio. Extensive product offering for a wide array of applications. Over 10,000 products available.
  3. Brands. We represent the industry’s global leading brands.
  4. IMMEX Program. Duty free imports for exporting companies..
  5. Inventory Management. We contribute to a better resources usage in our customer’s plant and its manufacturing processes. This is accomplished through the establishment of stocking agreements with the aid of various inventory management and control programs, such as just in time, kanban, and consignation. Over 50,000 sq. feet of inventory management space capacity.
  6. Geographic Coverage. With 4 strategic locations in the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Queretaro, we efficiently serve our customers’ needs Nationwide.
  7. Customized Solutions. We diagnose, research and develop solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of our customers.