Our unique mix of excellence in service and product offering of the highest quality has led us to become the choice of preference of companies who constantly strive to achieve the highest productivity standards in their manufacturing processes.

Inventory Management

We are committed to work side by side with our customers in order to help them achieve superior efficiency and productivity levels in their supply process. This is achieved by providing solutions that offer a cost reduction in their processes. We support the reduction of transactional costs and contribute to a better resources usage in our customer’s plant and its manufacturing processes.

This is accomplished through the establishment of stocking agreements with the aid of various inventory management and control programs, such as just in time, kanban, and consignation.

Tax Free Imports

We are a service maquiladora. This allows us to import, stock, and commercialize products free of duties to the exporting companies located nationwide. This is additional proof of our commitment to provide a world class local service to each of our customers.

aislantes eléctricos industriales

Specific Solutions

There are plenty of success stories in our records which show how PAE has contributed to higher productivity and efficiency levels in our customers’ manufacturing processes. This has been the result of specific solutions to their fabricating and inventory management needs.

To achieve this, we work side by side with our vendors’ engineering departments and based on diagrams, prototype production, samples, and even diagnostic visits we develop value proposals for our customers.

Products Locally Available

One of our main value added features in the services we offer is the capacity to locally supply our customers with products of worldwide renowned brands. We are responsible for all the logistics process involved in transporting products from our vendors’ manufacturing facilities all the way to our warehouses in Mexico or even directly to our customers’ facilities in any location nationwide.

This includes taking care of all the procedures and requisites needed to successfully import our products either under a temporary or permanent regime.